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Ethical Spot Funfetti With Catnip Assorted Cat Toy Out Of Stock

Ethical Spot Funfetti With Catnip Assorted Cat Toy

Cat Toy Ethical Spot Funfetti With Catnip Assorted Cat Toy offered by Favorite Pet Shop..


Kong Wubba Bunny Cat Toy Out Of Stock

Kong Wubba Bunny Cat Toy

Cat Toys Cat Wubbas offered by Favorite Pet Shop are filled with premium North Ame..


Spot - Sponge Soccer Balls For Cats

Cat Toys The SPOT SPONGE SOCCER BALLS offered by Favorite Pet Shop are f..


Spot Ethical Big Mouse Bertha

Cat Toys Spot Ethical Big Mouse Bertha offered by Favorite Pet Shop, this lifelike fuzz..


Cat Toys

FavoritePetShop Cat toys!

Being that cats are born hunters, it is no surprise that they love and thrive with ample amounts of play time. Favorite Pet Shop has assembled a collection of cat toys that we know your furry feline will love.


If you’ve ever had a kitten, you know all too well how much time they spend playing with they kitty toys and how much they love playtime. Kitten toys can be crafted out of just about anything, but we don’t want to teach your kitty bad habits so let’s provide them with fun cat toys they can play with whether you are home or not. The Big Mouse pack of 3 Toys has catnip infused into each play toy and offer auditory fun with crinkle noise. Your kitten will go wild with hours of fun tossing around these catnip toys.

When kittens are young, play time is how they hone their hunting skills. With more cats living indoors these days, they are not using or crafting their natural hunting instincts and playing with cat toys less and less which contributes to boredom and obesity. 

At Favorite Pet Shop we understand how important your furry family member’s well being is to you. That’s why we only source the best and highest quality pet supplies and cat toys to get your cat energized and ready for play.

At Favorite Pet Shop, we have assembled a collection of cat toys that we know you and your furry friend will love. FavoritePetShop.com focuses on our customers, delivering a personalized experience, and the best customer service possible.

Come join the pack! 

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