Favorite Pet Shop Nutrition!

FavoritePetShop Nutrition!

Proper pet nutrition is so important because a happy pet starts with a healthy diet. At Favorite Pet Shop we have assembled a selection of healthy pet treats and pet food for your dog and cat. You will love spoiling them and they will love the delicious taste of healthy treats and food. Let’s get started!


Think about it: how do you feel when you eat a meal full of carbohydrate fillers? Exhausted, sleepy, hungry within an hour? Yes to all of those right? Believe it or not your pet can feel the same way from their pet nutrition. Buying a quality pet food starts with high quality ingredients and minimal fillers, so your pet can remain full, active, and healthy. Primal Pet Food’s Freeze Dried Beef is an impeccable example of a high quality and optimal protein freeze dried dog food. Primal raw dog food has a high protein ratio and all the essential vitamins needed to maintain the proper weight and boost overall health. Another benefit to using freeze dried food from Stella and Chewy or Primal Pet Food is the ease of meal time. Simply take the patty and rehydrate with warm water and voila you have an instantly delicious freeze dried meal without the mess.

For fido’s feline counterpart, high quality, high protein cat food is a must. Did you know cats are obligate carnivores? Yes they require meat to survive. Tiki Cat Carnivorous Turkey formula is what every carnivorous feline needs. Packed with protein and essential vitamins, this healthy cat food will maintain your cats healthy weight while remaining super palatable making meal time a breeze. Sometimes felines can be a bit finicky. That’s why we sourced high quality wet cat food from Tiki Cat. The Cats in the Kitchen Collection is full of irresistibly tasty flavors that will convince even the pickiest of felines to chow down.

Besides meal time, treat time is probably the second best time of the day for not only your pet, but you! Who doesn’t love surprising their pet with a tasty pet treat throughout the day? Surprise your pooch with flavors of bacon, cheese, and apple with Wagmore Dog Biscuit. A healthy dog treat made with only 7 ingredients, the Wagmore Dog Biscuit will have fido begging for more. If you need a treat that will keep your pup busy for a while, Proden Dog Plaqueoff dog dental chews are your answer. Keep your pooch entertained while naturally providing a dog dental cleaning. That is a win win in our book!

Although felines might be picky at meal time, they seem to not be as picky for treat time. Blue Buffalo has the most likable cat snacks that your once finicky feline will love. The Crunchy Salmon Flavor always seems to be a feline favorite. Created with high quality wholesome ingredients, crunchy cat treats will not only make your feline happy but also help ward off that pesky dental disease seen in cats. Let’s add some live treats to your feline’s life with cat grass. Have you ever asked your why does my cat eat grass? Research shows cats eat grass in order to expel parasites, but since most cats no longer have the parasites they would catch from being in the wild, cat grass is now a fun treat and toy all in one. Create an indoor cat grass garden with the Green Garden Medley from Bell Rock. Simply cut open the pouch, water your cat grass seeds, and watch them grow. Your feline will have so much fun playing and gnawing down the grass.

Fuel your pets with the high quality and always delicious pet nutrition offered by Favorite Pet Shop. We focus on our customers, delivering a personalized experience, and the best customer service possible.


At Favorite Pet Shop, we have assembled a selection of healthy treats and food for your pet. A happy pet starts with a healthy diet. We have assembled a health selection of food and treats for your pet that is not only healthy, but they will love. We all love to spoil our pets, and little treats are a perfect way.  Many of the treats that you get at the local grocery store are great for an occasional treat but are not a healthy choice for them. We have chosen treats that you can feel good about giving your little angel. While treats cannot replace a healthy diet they can be a healthy addition to their diet. FavoritePetShop.com focuses on our customers, delivering a personalized experience, and the best customer service possible.

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