Favorite Pet Shop Grooming!

FavoritePetShop Grooming!

At Favorite Pet Shop we have assembled a unique collection of grooming accessories that we know you’ll love.

Animal grooming and hygiene is an essential responsibility of any pet parent. Whether you groom at home or take your furry friend to a professional grooming, maintaining good pet hygiene is essential to a happy and healthy pet. At Favorite Pet Shop we’ve assembled a unique collection of grooming supplies that we know you’ll love. Let’s break it down with items for friendly fido and items for your furry feline.

Fido is up first. When you think of the grooming supplies you need to maintain your pooch what comes to mind? Dog shampoo, dog perfume, dog dental care, dog brush, and maybe even a deshedding tool.

The first product any dog owner has to have is a quality shampoo for dogs. We are smitten with Earthbath’s Mediterranean Magic Shampoo. With the scent of a mediterranean garden, your hound will smell amazing and have a soft irresistibly pet-able coat. For those unfortunate pups with itchy skin, Earthbath makes an oatmeal dog shampoo. Containing oatmeal and aloe to calm and hydrate the skin, this is the best dog shampoo for relief from seasonal itching.

If fido doesn’t need a full bath, but needs a freshen up, consider dog spray or pet wipes. Buddy Splash makes an entire line of dog perfume to keep your pooch fresh and deodorized at a moments notice. Bath wipes like Earthbath’s Hypoallergenic Grooming Wipes are excellent when fido has a little dirt that needs to be wiped away. Being hypoallergenic any dog can use them as well.

Let's face it if you have a pet odds are that they shed. You have hair lying around your house all the time and although we love our pets, this is a constant struggle. By brushing your pup often, his/her coat will be healthier and there will be less hair around your home. The best dog deshedding tool is the Furminator Bathing Brush. Used while your pooch is getting a bath, it loosens up the hair, detangles matts, and promotes a healthy shiny coat. The best part of this dog grooming tool is all that loose hair gets washed down the drain and not littered around your house. Can you say win win?


Of course we did not forget about your furry felines. Because cat’s are self groomer, they don’t come with as many cat supplies, but they do require some regular grooming maintenance. 

We’ll start with brushing. Have you every met a cat who doesn’t like to be brushed? We sure haven’t. Your cat will love the soft but effective Furminator Dual Sided Brush. With bristles on one side for all around hair coats and pins on the other for longer hair coats, you won’t need any other tools beside this furminator brush. 

Besides brushing, the next most important grooming responsibility is oral hygiene aka cat teeth cleaning. We know what you are thinking, why would I brush my cat’s teeth and how?Well periodontal disease is one of the most common and often serious issues affecting 70% of cats by the age of 3. Start cat dental care starts early in their life and being consistent with brushing will keep your feline’s breath fresh and teeth sparkly clean. We love the Dental Care Kit with Kitty Toothpaste. It comes with a cat toothbrush and cat toothpaste for nightly brushing. For quick on the go cleaning, Earthbath’s Oral Wipes are a must have. Just wipe and go.


Last but not least, sometimes cats can get a little stinky and need a freshening up. Because most cats are not a fan of water, we love using pet wipes. Earthbath makes a captivating Green Tea scented wipe. These bath wipes cleanse away dirt and oil, deodorize, and freshen up you feline. You will never have to worry about bathing when you have these as part of your grooming supplies.


Grooming your pet is another way to bond and create a strong connection with your fur child. At Favorite Pet Shop, we can’t wait to help you find all the pet grooming supplies you need to not only make your pet smell fantastic but also feel extraordinary too!


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