Favorite Pet Shop Gear!

FavoritePetShop Gear!

We love spending time with our furry friends, and having the right pet gear makes our time even more special. At Favorite Pet Shop we have assembled a distinctive collection of dog gear and cat gear that we know you’ll love. Whether you travel on wheels, water, or walk yourself we have the pet travel gear you need to turn a mediocre trip into an epic adventure. Let’s get started!


Let’s start our epic adventure by car. Car trips can be super fun: head out the window, smells for days, and one on one time with your favorite pooch. To help you get on this great adventure we have some awesome dog gear to make your travel both safe and enjoyable. The Solvit Car Cuddler has been coined the “quintessential dog bed for pups on the go.” Constructed of micro suede, a plush central bed section, and generous side bolsters, this car dog bed will have your adventure buddy relaxed and comfortable for the whole ride. For the tiny adventurer, the Pet Car Booster by Solvit is the ideal dog booster seat to keep you little one safe and snug. 

An unforgettable adventure cannot even begin if you can’t get into your vessel, that’s why we carry a wide array of pet steps and ramps. Sometimes we need some help at home or on the go with pet stairs and ramps. Our favorite dog ramp is the Ultralite Bifold Pet Ramp. Weighing only 10lbs and collapsing into a compact size, this pet ramp is ideal to get your adventure started no matter what vessel you might be using or where you are staying. Take this dog ramp from the car to the bed easily, so your four legged friend can always be by your side.

Now that you’ve made it to your destination, how are you going to get around? 2 wheels, 4 wheels, or two legs? However you choose to get around Favorite Pet Shop has the pet gear you need to keep you mobile. Keep your fur child safe in busy crowds or comfy on those lengthy strolls with a pet carrier or dog stroller. The Escort Roller/Backpack goes from roller bag to dog backpack to dog car seat booster to tote in a few seconds all while keeping your pooch or furry feline safe and happy. Keep your hands free while toting your pet around using a pet stroller. The Excursion No Zip Pet Stroller offers a spacious, cozy, and safe ride for your feline or canine fur baby. Now you can take your pet with you on those long walks, or down the street to grab groceries at the store. Either way, you will be showing off your little fur baby!

After a long day of adventuring it’s time to recuperate. Favorite Pet Shop has a variety of pet beds and cots for your home or brought with you to ensure the comfort of your little one on your next trip. We’ve talked a lot about fido, but at Favorite Pet Shop we know there are feline adventurers too. Check out the Kitty Kuddler. Cats are attracted to it like a magnet. They’ll love the plush material and the versatility of this calming cat bed. Take it from cat bed to cat cave bed in a snap. For fido, we love the Low Profile Microfiber Kuddle Lounge. Doesn’t the name just put you at ease? Well we know it will for your pooch. With velvety microfiber and lots of comfortable cushion, your tired hound will easily drift off into a peacefully and relaxing slumber in this luxury dog bed.

At FavoritePetShop.com we know that as a pet parent you want nothing but the best pet gear for your four-legged-friend. We focus on our customers, delivering a personalized experience, and the best customer service possible so that you can spend quality enjoyable time with your fur baby.


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