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At Favorite Pet Shop we have assembled a distinctive collection of gear for your pet that we know you’ll love. We love spending time with our little friends, and having the right equipment makes our time more special. Whether going for a ride in the car, taking a trip around town, or heading out on the boat we have the right equipment you need to make the time you spend together special. We have a variety of beds and cots for home or that can be brought with you to ensure the comfort of your little one. While on the go around town we have carriers and strollers that allow you to transport your angel anywhere you go. And to help you get there we have gear for car trips that make travel both safer and more enjoyable for you and your pet. While taking a tip in the car can be fun we also understand that in the city, or on the go you would like to bring your pet with you on your bike, and for that, we have gear for biking that helps you travel safely with your pet. Also, we know that your furry friend loves to spend time on the boat, and for that, we have safety vests and stairs and ramps that make boating safer and more enjoyable.  Sometimes we all need some help at home or on the go with stairs and ramps. At we focus on our customers, delivering a personalized experience, and the best customer service possible.

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