Furminator Grooming Rake Dog/Cat
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Furminator Grooming Rake Dog/Cat

Pet Grooming


Your pet can be brushed any time, on both wet and dry fur.  Brushing can be performed on its own or in conjunction with other products, such as a Detangling Spray or Shed Control Shampoo.  Brushing is also an important step to perform before using a deShedding tool on your pet to remove tangles and small mats. The grooming rake offered by Favorite Pet Shop is ideal for pets with thick fur and double coats, as the rotating teeth detangle dense fur with minimized tugging. Remove loose hair, tangles and prevent mats with the comfort of the ergonomic handle, giving you a no-slip grip for maximum control.

  • Brand: WSP-PDS
  • Product Code: 811794929305
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  • $12.95

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