Precious Purple and White Dots Collar Collection
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Collar Size Chart

SizeCollar WidthNeck
Small3/4 Inch9-13 Inch
Medium3/4 Inch11-16 Inch
Large1 Inch14-20 Inch
X-Large1 Inch18-26 Inch


Harness Size Chart

SizeHarness WidthNeck
Small3/4 Inch13-18 Inch
Medium3/4 Inch17-22 Inch
Large1 Inch22-30 Inch
X-Large1 Inch26-40 Inch


Leash Size Chart

SizeLeash WidthLenght
3/4" W x 4' L3/4 Inch4 Feet
3/4" W x 6' L3/4 Inch4 Feet
1" W x 4' L1 Inch6 Feet
1" W x 6' L1 Inch6 Feet


Precious Purple and White Dots Collar Collection

Why we love this stunning Purple and White Dots Collar Collection

The Purple and White dots collar collection looks fantastic. The durable materials and fashionable colors make this collection one to have. The included clip makes changing collars simple and fast. The trendy collection is made in the USA by Trish Hampton and can be seen worn internationally by celebrity dogs. The colors selected for each of the collections make it simple to match your fur-baby to your outfit, ensuring that you will be noticed. When selecting the collar, make sure that you also include the harness and leash to complete the look. 



Our Purple and White dots collars are made by hand in the USA with high-quality, durable materials. Two fashionable ribbons are carefully selected and hand-sewn onto a nylon mesh creating the perfect combination of durability and fashion. The collection is made in the Trish Hamptom boutique in Rhode Island and can be seen worn by celebrity dogs internationally. The comfy curved clasp and adjustable slide ensure that your furry friend will love wearing the collar while looking great. The included easy to use detachable nickel clip make changing collars and harnesses fast and simple. The clip securely fastens to the metal D-ring ensuring that it will not get lost. Pairing the collar with the matching harness and leash made of the same high-quality materials complete the look and can be purchased at the same time. You won't find a more durable yet fashionable collection for your furry friend.


  • Two beautiful grosgrain ribbons sewn onto nylon webbing with the top ribbon having the dots.
  • The collar can be paired with the matching leash and harness.
  • The curved buckle and adjustable slide are not only comfortable but also tough
  • Metal D-ring with detachable nickel clip making collar changes a snap
  • Made in the USA by Trish Hampton in their Rhode Island boutique
  • Handcrafted with high-quality materials
  • Not only do they look great, but they are also very durable
  • Designer materials to make sure your pup is noticed, not simply seen. 
  • Brand: WSP-THP
  • Product Code: 507
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  • $26.98

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