Favorite Pet Shop Accessories!

FavoritePetShop Accessories! 

When it comes to accessorizing, your pooch is no exception. Find amazing pet accessories at Favorite Pet Shop!

From bedazzled collars to hiking gear, no matter what kind of dog accessories you choose, they all matter. And why do we accessorize our pets? Well it could be practical reasons like wearing booties while walking in the snow or more just for fun, maybe a red white and blue collar to commemorate July 4th. Whatever your reasons, adding pet accessories allows the rest of the world to see the amazing and unique personality of your pup that you get to see everyday.


Keep your accessorizing simple with dog bandanas. They are easy to swap out daily, weekly, or monthly. Whichever interval is your preference. We love puppy bandanas because they are so adorable and make showing your pets personality easy. No complicated wardrobe changes here, simply snap on and off. Thats it! With a variety of cute bandanas to choose from you’ll go from making a bold statement with our Tie dye bandana to joining in the holiday festivities with our Christmas Tree Bandana in no time. If you need a cute everyday wear, our Anchor Bandana will do the trick. Land dwellers won’t help oo-ing and ahh-ing at your nautical style.


Just like babies, dogs can wear bows too. And dare we say they are just as cute as their baby counterparts! Blossoms and dog bowties are great for rover if he or she is more rambunctious or is still in the puppy stage. They are discreet but still incredibly adorable. Is there anything cuter than a Frenchie with a dog tie or a poodley princess with a collar blossom? We think not. Let’s explore bowties! First up we have a ghoulish bowtie, the Glow in the Dark Ghost Bowtie. So festive and a fantastic way to have your dog get in on the Halloween fun while trick or treating with the kiddos. For a more elevated and dapper look, we have the Madras Plaid Bowtie. Let’s dress up your little puppy princess in pretty puppy accessories: blossoms. Just snap onto the collar and snap off. You can add one or as many as you’d like of these cute dog accessories. Create an entire arrangement with our Mini Lobster Blossom and Red and Orange Dots Blossom.


Have you heard the saying, “you can never have enough shoes?” Yes of course right? Well in the canine world the saying goes you can never have enough dog collars and dog leashes. Celebrate all the holidays with a themed collar and leash like our Americana Collection of matching red, white, and blue leash and collar. For safe everyday wear, we are huge fans of the Reflective Collar Collection. This collection of cool dog collars comes in a wide range of colors all the while prioritizing safety with a reflective strip so your pet is always seen at night. Whether you are an over-accessorizing pet parent or just accessorize the basics, you cannot go wrong with a few cute unique dog collars and leashes. 


Accessorizing for mans best friend has steadily increased in popularity over the last decade because more and more pooches are being viewed as members of the family. Gone are the days of providing only the bare minimum of basic pet accessories. At Favorite Pet Shop we cannot wait to help you show your pups personality and be the place for all your pet supplies online.


At Favorite Pet Shop we have assembled a unique collection of accessories that we know you’ll love. What pet doesn't need some accessories? With a collection of collars, leashes, bandannas, bow-ties, and blossoms your furry little friend will look their best, and be ready to see the world. While some pets will be simply showing up you’ll know that your angel has ARRIVED, and everyone will want to meet them!  At FavoritePetShop.com focuses on our customers, delivering a personalized experience, and the best customer service possible.

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